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  • Girl in high school yearbook
    We hired Chip Hughes (Voices and Images), to interview my mother. Over several weeks of interview sessions, Chip recorded 12 hours of my mother's life story.  His patient and thoughtful questions stimulated her memory and her experiences, producing a volume of oral text that he then transcribed into a written version.  Chip added family pictures, carefully and accurately labeling each person in every photo and the dates of each pictured event.  The story came alive as it wove through a myriad of my mother's life in photos, her narrative voice preserved exactly as she told it.  We then decided to create a book that joined my mother's recorded story with my father's wartime narrative.  Chip found some great pictures of my dad's B-17 plane and added additional pictures of his crew, my parent's courtship, wedding, and post-war reunion.  My mother was so pleased with the book that she gave one to each of her children and grandchildren.  We owe the quality and accomplishment of this project to the expertise of Chip Hughes and his wife, Kathleen, who masterly designed the layout of each page.
  • Old Man in red shirt

    I’m Dan Wolstenholme and a friend of Chip — when Chip told us he was going to have a class on life history, I was really very interested to find out what this would be all about. I had already started to write my life history, but struggling along — t things are not that easy to do, so I found that by taking this class that Chip really outlined the way to do your life history properly, and I found that it was very worthwhile. In fact, I don’t think I could have written my life history very well had I not taken this class, and so I would recommend if you’re really serious about writing your life history that you consider taking Chip’s class and I think that the cost of it would be well worth your time to learn how to do this properly, and I so I would certainly recommend it and I enjoyed it very much.

  • My name’s Don Hutchinson and I’ve made many attempts to write histories of my parents and grandparents. I’ve been collecting a large number of pictures — the number is easily in the thousands. I have many accounts of my life and my parents’ lives and I’ve struggled to organize these pictures and accounts in a readable way that my descendants and friends would enjoy reading. This class has helped me organize my thoughts and organize the strategy for putting together my family history. I think that this is priceless to have this information and be able to give an account of my life and the times that I lived in.

  • man with daughter sitting next to him
    Chip, we still love, love, love the history you did for my dad!! Worth every penny and more! He's very frail now, can't see to read, and has dementia. So it makes what you did even more priceless, because I remember you saying that it's never too early, but it can be too late to do your life history. We now read the stories to him when we visit. He loves to hear them too! Thanks! Gayle